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get assistance

Habitat Cabarrus was a recipient of funds sponsored by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency with funds provided by the N.C. Housing Trust Fund to provide Urgent Home Repairs.





health and safety concerns

In order to qualify for the program, the eligible household must own their own home, fall within the specific income limits (specified by NCFHA) and be able to prove that they have one or more qualifying needs. The needs outlined by NCHFA are defined as…

  • A person that is at least 62 years of age or older

  • A person that is handicapped or disabled

  • A single-parent with at least one (1) dependent child in the residence

  • A family with five (5) or more persons

  • A child below six (6) years of age with elevated blood levels

  • A military veteran

URP does not address
  • Cosmetic repairs or painting
  • Replacing carpeting or flooring (unless for structural reasons)
  • Bathroom renovations or remodels (unless for accessibility issues or as needed following plumbing repairs)

ready to apply?

To apply for the Urgent Home Repair Program, please email ( or call 704.786.4001.

You can also download the application here.