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building change

The traditional new home construction model remains the foundation of Habitat Cabarrus’ mission, but it is only one of many ways the organization impacts the community. Habitat Cabarrus’ greater construction efforts also consist of a Recycled Home program and the flourishing Critical Home Repair program.

safe, reliable housing

New Home Construction

Habitat Cabarrus believes that homeownership is a major key to a family’s safety, health, stability and financial freedom. New homes are sold to Habitat homebuyers with an affordable mortgage; that is, a monthly payment that does not exceed 30% of their income. In exchange, Habitat homebuyers invest hundreds of Sweat Equity hours prior to purchasing their new home.

Learn about Homeownership

Recycled Homes

Occasionally, Habitat Cabarrus’ construction team will purchase (or will have donated) foreclosed, vacant or incomplete homes to fix up and resell to Habitat homebuyers. This element of the affordable housing ministry impacts the community in two ways:

  1. Addresses the need for more affordable housing.
  2. Stabilizes neighborhoods with high-foreclosure and high-vacancy rates that are more vulnerable to crime.
Critical Home Repairs

The need for affordable housing is not only an issue faced by rent-burdened families, but also those on a fixed income living in homes in need of major repairs. Critical Home Repair (CHR) allows older homeowners to remain in their homes and age in place while also preserving Cabarrus county’s dwindling affordable housing stock.

Critical Home Repair addresses health and safety concerns in several areas of the home, and qualifications are based on multiple factors, including household income, tax assessment and more.

If you or someone you know owns a home in need of major repairs, please call the CHR Hotline at 704.786.4001.

Critical Home Repair