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building strength, stability & self-reliance through shelter

Habitat Cabarrus

Homeownership Applications Closed for 2022

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Homeowner Celebrates Paying Off Home, Joins Habitat Cabarrus Board

Audrea Chapman was recently appointed to the  Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus County board of directors. On the surface, that seems to be no big deal. Dig a little deeper, though, and an amazing story emerges.

Twenty years ago, Chapman was in the process of obtaining

Audrea Chapman on the front porch of her Habitat Cabarrus home.

her own Habitat home, going through the vetting process, putting in the sweat equity hours, taking financial

classes, anything needed to get her and her young son into their own home.

“We were living with my mom and her husband, and it was a two-bedroom house. My son was 10 at the time and we were sharing a bedroom,” recalled Chapman. “The house wasn’t in bad shape, but it was crowded.

“I remember praying every day for the 30 days before I was approved; I prayed every night for the Lord’s blessing. At the end of the 30 days, I got that house.”

Last month Chapman made the final payment on that house. It is now hers, free and clear, except for the amazing journey, the wonderful memories supplied by the house in Kannapolis.


Restrictions Lifted, Volunteers Will Soon Be Back On Home Builds

On June 1, next Tuesday, Habitat for Humanity International is lifting our volunteer restrictions! We are
 excited to begin engaging volunteers on our upcoming new home builds. State and local protocols will still be in place for everyone’s safety.
Our staff is working together to come up with a schedule based on our new home construction needs and when supplies will be available since many of our vendors are still awaiting backordered supplies.
Please let us know if you or your company are interested in volunteering. Email to get on our volunteer list.

Veteran Nonprofit Leader Bill Shelton Named Habitat Cabarrus CEO

Bill Shelton, an executive with a broad background in leading nonprofits, has been named the CEO of Habitat For Humanity Cabarrus County.

Shelton most recently was the CEO of the Future Citizens Foundation: The First Tee Monterey County-Taylor Farms Center 4 Learning in Salinas, California.

“It is an honor to join the Habitat For Humanity Cabarrus County team,” said Shelton, who graduated from Western Michigan University with a double major in business administration and sports and recreational management.  “A person without shelter or shelter in need of maintenance is left exposed to the harsh elements of life and its negative influences. Habitat provides a shelter of hope for the present and future residents of Cabarrus County and the world. I am excited to be part of a team and organization that aids in God’s work.”

As the CEO of Habitat Cabarrus, Shelton will be responsible to the board of directors for promoting the overall vision and direction of the organization and help ensure that long-range plans are developed and carried out to sustain healthy growth and financial stability. He will work closely with staff and board to raise support for Habitat Cabarrus’ mission, will oversee all areas of operations and serve as a housing advocate and governmental liaison in the community.

“We are pleased to have Bill join Habitat Cabarrus as our CEO. Bill is a servant leader who understands the impact housing makes on generations of families,” said Dave Hunkele, chairman of Habitat Cabarrus’ board of directors. “Bill has served youth and families in several nonprofit leadership roles over the years, and he has a passion for building relationships across the community.”

When Shelton took leadership of the Future Citizens Foundation in 2018, the organization had a $1 million deficit. In two years, he led the organization to a $1 million surplus. In the process the organization managed to reach 1,200 additional youngsters in 2019, topping 10,000 youth served in a single year. Also, in 2019 the organization awarded 15 $20,000 scholarships.

As executive director and general manager of the Broward County, Florida, YMCA from 2011 to 2014, Shelton drove large membership increases and retention rates. Retention rates jumped up to 75 percent in every member category and member usage rose from 6,200 visits annually to over 20,000. During that same period senior adult membership increased 900 percent.

Shelton, who is married and lives in Mint Hill, begins his new position on Monday, May 3.

we all have the potential to stand on our own.

With Hard Work, Perseverance Single Mother Keeps Promise To Sons With Habitat Cabarrus Home

For many years Monslo Cox-Bradley promised her four boys they would have a house of their own one day. That day arrived Tuesday.

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Monslo desires a better living situation for her and her children and is grateful to have been selected for Habitat Cabarrus’ Home ownership program. When asked about her experience in the program, she said that you have to motivate and have pep talks with yourself to get out of bed on a cold day or a hot day.

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It means so much to Ciera to be able to see her dream of Home ownership come to fruition. She reports that she is so thankful for the opportunity and shares it with all of her friends. She says the program has changed her life as she’s become more disciplined and knows that it will open even more opportunities for her. She plans to open her own business and to help her children do so as well to ensure their future financial stability.

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tameko and leroy

Leroy and Tameko have experienced many hardships while on their journey to Homeownership. They have experienced homelessness first hand and through the help of Habitat Cabarrus, their hard work and commitment, they will soon own their very own home

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When asked about her experience with Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus she shared “This was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I will forever cherish this program and (it will) have a piece of my heart.”

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