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Devastating floods- substantial losses

Last week our region was hit by devastatingly hard rains. There was flooding throughout the area and unfortunately, we were hit by the rising waters.

The location where we store Habitat Cabarrus’ construction trailers, supplies and appliances for homes under construction was flooded and there was standing water in the storage containers. We are still taking an inventory of the damages, but we believe the loss will be substantial.

No one was injured and for that we are thankful. And we will soldier on with our mission of transforming lives and our community by uniting all of Cabarrus County around the cause of decent, affordable housing for everyone.

We knew we had suffered some losses, but now that a full inventory has been taken, those losses are far greater than we originally thought. Our construction trailer and storage containers were inundated in the flooding. Construction tools like electric saws and sanders and compressors and generators have to be replaced along with hammers and nails, shop vacs and lumber among other supplies.

The losses have placed a financial burden on Habitat Cabarrus. Anything you can do to help out, any donation, large or small, would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for helping us continue our mission of decent, affordable housing for everyone in Cabarrus County.



Ways to donate:


mail checks to:  Habitat Cabarrus
8 Church St S. Concord, NC  28025


online via our website


Venmo (@Habitat-Cabarrus)


Lowe’s Home Improvement gift cards