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Ms. Rice states that we can expect from her to be dedicated, willing to give her all while in the program and to hopefully become a mentor to other future homeowners once she has received her home. She is currently renting in a two-bedroom home. When she moved in, she had to purchase her own appliances. She reported that the home has mold, no insulation and has cracks in the floor. She is a Customer Service Rep at Paragon Revenue Group and has a low income to debt ratio. She has two sons Jase, who is 12 and baby Ahmad. She states that she has always dreamed of getting a home.

rigoberto & anayeli

Mr. Flores & Mrs. Perez currently reside in a two-bedroom mobile home and need more space for their family. The believe that homeownership would impact their family 100%. They want to have their dream house that provides them with safety and enough space. They describe themselves as a friendly and hardworking family. They report that they are seeking emotional and economic stability through the Homeownership program. The Selection Committee members observed that their home is overcrowded and needs repairs. Rigoberto has made many small repairs, however there is mold, missing insultation, a water leak and there was also a recent kidnapping attempt in neighborhood. Anayeli is a stay at home mother and Rigoberto is a General Laborer for Precast Supply Company. They have four children, 10-year-old Lovely, 4-year-old Nelly, 3-year-old Romina and 1-year old Rigo. Anayeli has a sister and mother who have a Habitat home.


Brittany pays over 30% of her income on monthly rent costs and she would much rather like to contribute finances to a home she owns rather than rent. She believes owning a home will provide her with more stability. She is a single mother to a 10-year-old named Khalil. She is a Business Development Rep at Hendrick Dodge. Brittany received a very good landlord reference and has a low income to debt ratio.