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Monslo is a Patient Service Specialist with Atrium. She has four children, ages 21, 17, 12 and 3. While pregnant with her fourth son, Monslo met a Habitat Cabarrus Board member, Therese, who asked for coupons to assist with a fundraiser. Monslo asked a few questions about the program and applied shortly after. Her former living space was overcrowded as she was sharing a room with her three year old and they were all sharing one bathroom. What should be a dining room was a play area for the then three-year old. The community she resided in was not family friendly. They did not want children outside playing unless an adult is supervising the entire time. Monslo and her family were also encountering substandard living conditions. There was mold in the rental and her children have Asthma. She was constantly worried about their health and trying to prevent them from getting sick.

Monslo now has a better living situation for her and her children and is grateful to have been selected for Habitat Cabarrus’ Home ownership program. When asked about her experience in the program, she said that you have to motivate and have pep talks with yourself to get out of bed on a cold day or a hot day. Sometimes you feel like you’re going to pass out from the heat or get freezer burn from being out in the cold for hours. She says that when she thinks about owning her own home it makes her put a little pep in her step and push on! “I thought it would be easy but boy it’s hard work and a lot of dedication but well worth it in the end,” she stated.

When asked how she felt about the Financial Peace University classes, she stated that they have worked for her. “I learned so much about my financial hardship. I learned to turn it around and live a little better,” she reported. “Learning how to save put me and my family in a better situation and we’re not living pay check to pay check.” She stated that she was surprised that she was able to pay off her credit cards and save money for family vacations. She is even teaching her sons the value of a dollar.

As  a homeowner, her former worries became irrelevant. She no longer has to worry about getting notes on the door or have neighbors complaining because her children playing outside. Nor does she have to worry about her children’s health. She is grateful to be living in a home she calls her own.

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