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Markeisha and her son had gotten used to small quarters. Their former living situation was overcrowded in a substandard home. They resided in her grandmother’s home and shared a very small bedroom and a small bed. There was only one bathroom shared between all five people that lived in the home. Markeisha and her son did not have enough room for their personal items nor did they have much privacy. Although she is grateful to her grandparents for allowing her and her son to live there and being such a huge support system for them, their home was older and had some electrical problems. Markeisha works for Kannapolis City Schools. She heard about Habitat Cabarrus through family and friends that have been through the program. Zula, a current Habitat Cabarrus homeowner encouraged her to sign up for the program.
Markeisha is a single parent without any help from the other parent and it has been difficult for her. Her desire to be approved for the program came from her wanting to create a better life for her and her son. While being in the program she has obtained more patience. She states that she has made some great connections with great people. Being able to have fellowship with others while working towards Habitat’s mission has been very rewarding. Markeisha worked diligently to obtain her sweat equity hours on the Construction Site as well as at the ReStore. She expressed that she learned so much from Financial Peace University classes offered by Habitat Cabarrus.
“The financial peace classes worked and it has changed me in some ways. I am more conscious on what I’m spending and I’m using cash more instead of my debit card.”
Her family was excited for her but her son was very excited to have his own room and bed. He has come up with so many ideas about what he wants his room to look like. Markeisha believes her life is about to change drastically. She now has somewhere she can call home.
“I’ve always dreamed of having a home for me and my son. This is just one of my main goals that will be completed.”  When asked about her experience with Habitat for Humanity Cabarrus she shared “This was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I will forever cherish this program and (it will) have a piece of my heart.”
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