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Habitat Cabarrus, Hard Work Open Door Of Opportunity For Grateful Single Mother Of Two

Ciera Butler has never been one to be ungrateful. For the past five years she was thankful to have a place she and her two young children could call home, even as she waged a constant battle against mold and insect infestations. 

Those days are over though for the single mom. 

She was presented the keys to her new Habitat For Humanity Cabarrus County home Thursday, bringing to fruition two years of hard, but joyful work toward her dream. 


“I have faced many challenges in my life,” said Butler, whose children are 11 and 13 years old. “But just being courageous and patient got me through this journey. It’s an amazing feeling and we are truly thankful for this experience.” 

Butler’s “journey” to a Habitat Cabarrus home ownership and the affordable mortgage that goes with it included over 300 hours of sweat equity work on the house itself, along with the completion of the Financial Peace University nine-week program that taught budgeting, debt elimination and financial planning. She also had to take a home ownership class. 

While the journey was ongoing, Butler worked a fulltime job with Amazon while rearing her two children during a pandemic. 

“We are overjoyed for Ciera and her children. She has worked so hard to reach her dream of a new home,” said Dave Hunkele, president of the Habitat For Humanity Cabarrus County board. “We know with the pandemic, construction took longer than usual, but Ciera was not fazed by it. She kept working with a smile on her face. She’s a role model for anyone else going through this process and on the road to an affordable mortgage.” 

Butler learned about Habitat Cabarrus from two homeowners who had come through the program who encouraged her to get involved. 

“One of my goals for my life was to become a homeowner but I didn’t have any clear direction as how to do that until I ran across the homeowners in the program and that is when I finally found the vision of possibly being a homeowner,” said Butler. “I’m so excited because all my hard work has finally turned into blessings that I didn’t expect to receive so soon.” 

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